Salt, Sand, and Rain. The World’s Longest Beach.

David and I love the ocean, but we tend to avoid large crowds and prefer dog-friendly beaches so that our fids can join us. They love a good run on the beach too! That is what makes the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington perfect for our little family. 

We have been coming to the peninsula for the past eight years, usually in the spring and fall of each year. We do enjoy fall the best… cranberries and mushroom hunting, yes, please! 

In eight years we still haven’t managed to experience everything across all 28 miles. A claim to fame as it boasts it is the “World’s Longest Beach”. This year we did manage to get out on our bikes and head down the Discovery Trail. Usually, we spend our days out on the beach enjoying the ocean waves, walking with the dogs, or flying kites.

Spring and fall bring quite a bit more rain to the area, but we don’t mind. It gives us an excuse to explore all the little shops in town. There is treasure hidden here, especially if you are a fan of antique and vintage shops. Personally, I enjoy all the nautical finds. My favorites though are Time Enough Books and Banana Books.  

David and I have stayed at quite a few locations on the peninsula. We prefer to come in our 5th wheel nowadays, and you can find us in one of four locations, depending on our mood. 

  1. Eagle’s Nest Resort – Located in Ilwaco this RV Park is usually where we end up. It’s on the way to Cape Disappointment and we enjoy Phase two, which is back in the trees. It is a short walk or bike ride to the Port of Ilwaco, our favorite area off the beach. We also enjoy all the wildlife we see when we stay here including, deer, owls, and the occasional bear… 

  2. Cape Disappointment State Park – If you are coming to the area and don’t need to have full hookups this is the place to stay. Seriously some of the best camping spots around and great beach access. This is my number one recommendation, even though we don’t always end up staying here. 

  3. Andersen’s RV Park – We love this little park. It has decent site sizes, a fenced dog area, and fantastic beach access. The only downer is that they have a two dog max, so when all four are with us we can’t stay here.

  4. Pacific Holiday Resort – Great beach access, friendly staff, a pool we have never used. The only reason that PH gets #4 on our list is that the sites are kind of tight, and I mean tight. There is not much room to put out your awning, or set out chairs if you have neighbors. You can usually get a decent spot in the shoulder seasons with room to move about. Despite the space issue, we do enjoy staying here when we want better beach access. While the sites are tight it isn’t the worst on the peninsula. At least here you don’t have to deal with wonky shared hookups. 

There are honestly a lot of great places to camp and stay all over the peninsula. It really just depends on what you are looking for and what you need, but there is something for everyone. 

 Eagle’s Nest: Phase II

Eagle’s Nest: Phase II

I could go on, but there are only a few other things we would like to share with you, our favorite coffee locations, naturally (1. Diamond Espresso 2. Abbracci Coffee Bar 3. 42nd Street Cafe & Bistro), and a few other reasons we love coming back here year after year. 

Location. The Long Beach Peninsula is perfectly located for us. A quick drive across the Columbia River and you are in Astoria Oregon, Hello to ALL our fellow Goonies!!! (Astoria Post coming soon). Not to mention that Canon Beach is an easy day trip.

Ocean. We love the ocean, and the ocean here is fantastic! Over the years we’ve spotted a whale or two, and have grown to appreciate a day on the beach doing nothing but walking with our pups and listening to the waves crash against the shore. 

Food. The seafood here is delicious, as it is in many coastal areas. Our favorites??? Dungeness Crab and Fried Clams. Check out Salt Pub in Ilwaco and Saltwater Bar and Grill in Long Beach.

 Salt Hotel & Pub, Ilwaco

Salt Hotel & Pub, Ilwaco

While I am not quite ready to leave it is time to move on, we have family to see. Until next time… 



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    Timaree Vezina

    October 11, 2018

    Take me with you next time!


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      Candace Woodbury

      November 15, 2018

      Anytime, you know you are always welcome to adventure and explore with us!

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