Grab a Bike, Get Out, and Ride

Without doing any research, who would have guessed that Las Vegas, Nevada was a perfect place to grab a bike and ride?

For the past few days we have been riding our bikes on the many paved trails around the city. We did finally decide to try out some of the mountain bike trails in the surrounding desert areas… which also required Addison to obtain a mountain bike, of course.

He picked out a vibrant orange Trek bike at McGhie’s. It was instant love and a quick desire to hit some trails, unpaved. We first headed to Red Rock Canyon, only to discover that we could ride our bikes, but on the road only. Seeing as it was Veteran’s Day, and busy, we decided to drive the scenic loop and then head to a different trail.

A quick search on alltrails lead us to Blue Diamond Nevada to check out the Old Spanish Trail and the Landmine Loop. While Landmine was easy, there were a few areas that took a little more effort, but it was well worth it. We only hit the Old Spanish Trail in a few areas where it crossed Landmine’s path. Addison’s bike has officially been broke in and he is looking to return to Blue Diamond soon.

Happy trails, and don’t forget to bring along some water! 😉

To view some of Addison’s GoPro footage from our ride, click HERE.

WildnFree.Life has no affiliation with McGhie’s, RRC, or Alltrails. We simply had good service, enjoyed our visit, and use the Alltrails app regularly.