The Teton Valley’s of Idaho and Wyoming

We have a long history with the Teton Valley’s, both of them. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you will know that Jackson, Wyoming was our home for over a decade.

Jackson ended up not being the place for us to plant our roots, and made us realize we weren’t ready to anyways. Even with prices skyrocketing and more and more people coming to the area… there is still a lot of beauty, wildlife, and fun to find. The Teton Valley’s still remain a great destination to get away (if you can afford it).

Here are a few recommendations from us, as well as a few from our local friends.

Places to Stay

Now that we travel on land in our 5th wheel we prefer to find affordable places to park. We are set up to be off grid, but that doesn’t make it super easy in these Valley’s. I’ve picked one campground, two RV parks, and two hotels that are my preferred places to stay, but there are MANY options… and most come with a pretty steep price tag.

  1. Mike Harris Campground, NFS, Victor, Idaho. This year was the first time we have stayed in this campground and I am so happy we did, because it is nice. Set far enough off the road to not be an issue this campsite is well worth the Forest Service Fees. We spent $80.00 for a week.

  2. Victor Valley Resort, Victor, Idaho. Back when Justin and I first moved to the area we stayed at this rv park. It wasn’t the Victor Valley Resort then, but they have made a ton of upgrades and there are quite a few more spaces. They now also have cabins and some teepees for a little glamping.

  3. Fireside RV Park -Buffalo Valley If you are looking to be closer to the parks and don’t mind staying out of the way and a good drive from Jackson the Fireside RV Park in Buffalo Valley is a nice park to make your home base.

  4. Hotel Jackson. On the higher end this new hotel in the area is right in Right Downtown Jackson offering a great location for all your planned activities. While I haven’t stayed here myself yet it is on my list and was the only location a few of my friends mentioned they would stay at. Plus just take a look at the pictures of the place… luxury!

  5. The Wort Hotel. There are so many places to stay in both valleys, but the Wort has it all, location, ambiance, history, comfort… I could continue listing all the reasons you should stay here, but I won’t. I will say if you happen to have the funds and they have availability do yourself a favor and stay here. 10 out of 10 local friends agreed they would stay here if vacationing in the area.

Places to Play

There is so much to do on either side of the Teton Pass, but I am a pretty laid back person and not much for extreme sports or white water rafting (I have a deep fear of rivers… not oceans, rivers). My other half, Justin, would go rafting… he loves that kind of stuff, so I have included a few of those activities as well.

  1. A trip to the National Parks, Grand Teton and Yellowstone. This is most likely one of the main reason you are visiting the area in the first place, and if it’s not it should be. Why not? It’s close enough for it to be a bad idea NOT to go, at least for a day drive.

  2. Paddle boarding/Kayaking. There are many options for taking out your kayak or paddle board.

  3. Mountain Biking. I am not a mountian biker, but Justin is, and so are a few of my friends. I don’t know much about the trail systems in either valley, but I do know that there are quite a few. You can check out trails in Teton Valley Idaho or in Teton Valley Wyoming.

  4. Fly Fishing. I’m not a professional, by any means; but fun fact, my family on my Mom’s side did start the first Fly Fishing Lodge in Teton Valley Idaho. There is some pretty amazing fishing on boths sides of the Teton Pass. If you are looking for someone to take you out, it’s not a cheap date. It is a great time, and for many like myself, wonderful therapy. So, grab a guide and head out on a drift boat, if you aren’t already, you’ll be hooked for life.

  5. Last, but not least is white water rafting the Snake River. Not that I am biased, but the only time I have gone whitewater rafting on a river was with Mad River Boat Trips. If I were to go again, and as long as Mary and KC Bess are running the joint, this would be my one and only choice. Yes they are friends, and former bosses, but I have yet to trust my life in the rapids to anyone else. Just ask Betty what she thinks…

Places to Feed Your Face

While last on this list, food is always #1 on my list. Jackson and Victor have some amazing places to get some good grub. Since leaving Jackson in 2016, a few new restaurants have sprung up in the area. I know at least one of them is worth mentioning here.

  1. Glorietta Glorietta is a new resturant in town where Nani’s use to be. I was lucky enough to get invited to dinner here for a friends birthday and I am so glad that I did… everything the four of us ordered that night was delicious.

  2. Cafe Genevieve This one may sound familiar. Featured on Dinners, Drive In’s, and Dives… I am not a fan of the pig candy. Genevieve’s was a regular spot for me when living in Jackson. After awhile I started ordering only my favorites on the menu. My regular order was mac and cheese and fries. Occasionally in the winter I would also get a grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  3. Wild Sage (located in the Rusty Parrot Lodge) I love eating at Wild Sage. The food is on point, and I have always had great service while dining here.

  4. Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen This was a new place for me the past few trips to the area. It’s affordable, and great service and food. There is no shortage of Thai food on either side of the “hill”. A few of them are better then others, and this is one does a good job of competing with the higher-end restaurants.

  5. Seoul Restaurant I am a sucker for authentic Korean food. I blame it on Seong (Miss you Sis). Naturally, when I discovered Seoul Restaurant I had to check it out. We ordered take out for multiple reasons, so I don’t know about the in-house service, but the food did not disappoint. While a little further out of the way (in Driggs) it is well worth the trip. Some of the best food in the area… if you like Korean and spicy food.

There is honestly too many good places to eat to list them all here. I have things I love and hate at almost every restaurant, but some places are always on my “list of regular eateries” I visit. I want to make sure to mention them: Thai Plate, Thai Me Up, Teton Thai, Sidewinders, Cutty’s, *Eleanor’s Again, D.O.G, and Local Joe Drive Through.

*There are new owners at El’s… I don’t know if it will remain a staple of mine in Jackson, but I use to go there weekly with my friends from work, especially in the winter. It was a funky little dive, but we loved it.

If you happen to be vacationing in Teton Valley Idaho or Wyoming we hope you have a wonderful visit and get to see all the sites (there’s quite a few). We also hope this list helped you find something new.

A few last words of advice… don’t try to pet the wildlife they are wild. Taking a photo from 10 feet away is a horrible idea. They really are not as cute and cuddly as they appear. Don’t go pissing into any geysers (this one should be self explanatory, but you’d be surprised). Finally, we would recommend to plan your trip in advance. If you don’t you might just be sleeping in your car.

The recommendations here are based solely on our opinions and that of a few of our close friends. We have NOT received any compensation of any kind.

December 5, 2018