Long Beach, Washington – February 2019

The Long Beach Peninsula is one of our favorite places to visit. Tucked down in the South-Western corner of Washington State. The Peninsula offers one the chance to “get away,” while being close to Astoria and other amenities and activities. It can still get busy and congested during the summer months. We prefer to come during the shoulder seasons, September thru November, and February thru April. 

Insider secret, mid-September is probably the best time to visit if you want to avoid the summer crowds, but are still looking for all that summer has to offer in this area. While it is a little cooler, it is a second summer for the Peninsula. 

For this visit we left our 5th wheel behind, deciding not to tow our rig through the snowstorms. We also brought along my little sister Crystal. Since we also travel with our dogs, it is necessary to book a pet-friendly home or condo. 

The Breakers are one of our go-to spots. Pet-friendly, beach and discovery trail access, and a brand new pool I was happy to put to use every day. I enjoy having a patio area to enjoy a cup of coffee on in the early morning. Enjoying the cool mist and that ever soothing sea breeze. 

We stayed for two weeks and are in a hurry to get back here in the next few weeks. It is an area we miss when we leave and one we continually return to.

December 5, 2018