The Beginning of Something Wonderful!

In 2017 Justin and I started what we hope to continue as an annual tradition; something we like to call Momcations. 

Both of our Mother’s have always wanted to be world travelers, but life doesn’t always work out. We wanted to give our Mom’s back something for all that they have done for us since bringing us into the Universe. What a better way than to share one thing that we love with them and take them on adventures with us. 

2017 was the inaugural Momcation, and it was a dream destination for them both… Hawaii! For one week we explored the Big Island of Hawaii, and while we did get to do and see a lot, we didn’t hit all of the spots we would have liked, but we will return not only to the Big Island and also to experience all the other islands as well. 

2018 we decided to get out of the snow and the cold of the Rocky Mountain West and enjoy a little Southern Comfort. We headed down to Gulf Shores, Alabama to enjoy some white sandy beaches. Visited Pensacola, Florida, spent a day in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Biloxi, Mississippi. It was a different experience for our Mom’s, but one I think they enjoyed, learning about the history of Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama, wandering through the USS Alabama. 

Where are we going in 2019… it’s a secret, but for Mother’s Day passports are in order for our Mom’s that way the whole world is a possibility. Here’s to all our future Momcations!