Our First Official Meetup: Route Del Sol

We were lucky to have seen Route Del Sol at the Seaview Beach Approach here on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington. They are the first team in the world to take on driving a Solar Powered, 100% Electric Camper Van from Alaska to Argentina. 

    Being solar (and road trip) enthusiasts we wanted to know more about their set up and their journey so we reached out to them for a meetup and they suggested a fire on the beach. We met up with Joel, Keegan, and their friend Katie for a sunset dinner. My attempt at cajun corn and potatoes didn’t turn out like I planned… but it was a fun night regardless.         

    Not only do these guys have a great journey planned in one wicked cool outfit, but they are genuinely nice guys to talk to. Our pups loved meeting some new friends, Sigrún couldn’t keep quiet for more than a few minutes at a time she was so excited (a behavior we are trying to work on). Tové seemed happy to be back on the beach and spending time with her new found friends, but it was our old man Dexter was in HEAVEN! Katie carried him the entire night, and he could not have been happier… even growling a bit at Joel, letting him know to leave him be in Katie’s arms. 

    Here’s a clip of some video footage from David’s “interview” on the Solar Electric Camper Van with Joel… sadly we were thinking more about dinner and the beach and forgot all our camera gear back in our 5th wheel… so, we improvised using David’s iPhone, it stopped recording roughly 10 minutes in.

    If you want to learn more, make sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. This is one journey that we are excited to follow and support, and you should be too! Joel, Keegan, Katie… it was a pleasure meeting you all! Safe journeys and hopefully one day our paths will cross again!