Our Life Lists

Our Life Lists

This summer we made the decision to start sharing our journey being “wild” (for us), experiencing new things and working towards our life goals. Free from feeling stuck in one location with a 9 to 5 job that didn’t appeal to either of us.

Along with traveling we wanted to share more, not just our lives in an RV, or adventuring to other countries because a full and happy life is so much more than that… plus we are not full-time adventurers (in or out of an RV). We also love to be in one place sometimes, to enjoy our own space and lives together.

14+ years ago we made the decision to get married and share the rest of our lives together, but we also believe it is important to keep our individuality and have our own personal goals as well.

So, we started three life lists. One for each of us and a shared list. These are far from complete and will be constantly growing and changing. Here you can follow along with what we add, and what we check off. Maybe it will inspire you to start your own life list.

David Justin’s List

  • Find and meet my Dad

  • Work for myself ✔️ 2015 – Present

  • Start an online course to help other people ✔️ 2017 – present

  • Get my pilots license

  • Get better at playing guitar

  • Buy Tesla Truck when it comes out

  • Visit as many medieval castles as possible

  • Speak fluent Spanish, German, Swedish, and then maybe Finnish

  • Learn to play the bagpipes

Our Shared List

  • Purchase land and build our permanent dream home base

  • RV lot master plan

  • Visit all 50 states (49 in our RV)

  • Take Mom’s to Hawaii – ✔️ Spring of 2017

  • Take Parents to Peru and Chile

  • Watch Northern Lights from Bubble Hotel in Finland

  • Have kids (IVF or maybe adopt)

  • Work towards our dream sail boat a Nor’Sea 27

  • Sail to bucket list destinations (create a list)

  • Visit Jordan – 🇯🇴, go to Petra

  • Live abroad for at least a year.

  • Spend some time in South Korea with sister Seong (❤️and miss you Sis!)

Candace’s List

  • Complete a draft novel for NaNoWriMo 2018

  • Write a novel

  • Read 120 books a year

  • Have my own pottery/art studio at home, complete with electric and wood burning kilns

  • Drink Turkish coffee in Turkey

  • Swim in every Ocean & a few major Seas

  • Work for myself as a writer & artist

  • Become fluent in Swedish, Spanish, Finnish

  • Get a degree in Folklore

  • Visit as many Christmas Markets as possible

  • Complete a Triathlon

  • Go Mountain Biking 🚵‍♀️ more regularly