Time to Pause and Reflect; An Update

So much has happened since we last posted. Medically I, Candace, am still dealing with quite a bit. If you are interested, you can follow more of that on my personal blog. It’s been somewhat stressful for both David and I. The tests, the waiting, more tests, appointment after appointment… You get the idea.

Sometimes when you are going through adversity, and everything feels like it is in slow motion, it is then that you can pause and reflect on life…

With life on pause right now, we have had time to think and reflect on the path forward. It is often during times like these that we end up being led in a different direction. Lately, we have been talking about our feelings on my health and other issues we are dealing with. Asking what we each need right now, and what we want to make decisions on how best to move forward.

One of the most significant decisions we have had to make was on fostering with the intent of adopting two kids.

Ultimately due to the situation and circumstances, we made the difficult decision not to bring the kids into our home yet. With health issues and planning to move shortly, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Regardless, we will still be a part of their lives. Advocating for their health and well-being, as well as their futures.

We are still a permanency possibility for them in the future if all works out and if that is still what they want. We just want to be in a more stable home, and my medical issues under control. They both have a special place in our hearts, and we only want what is best for them. We are just not able to give them what they need and deserve right now. It’s been one of the hardest decisions that we have ever had to make.

Our next big decision is where we are going to move and settle down in the next year. We have been looking at different locations around the Idaho Panhandle, North West Montana, and, more recently, Southern Colorado. We think that Colorado is where we will most likely end up and planned to visit this fall. Still, that trip has been temporarily postponed due to medical appointments and timing.

Why Colorado over Montana or North Idaho? It all comes down to its proximity concerning my Doctors and Hospitals, where I will be receiving treatment. It also has everything we enjoy in regards to nature and the great outdoors. Plenty of places to ride our mountain and fat bikes, as well as fly our kites.

Once we can spend a few weeks or a month there, we will head over and start looking at land, houses, communities, etc.… until then we have decided to stick around here for the most part.

Life can get pretty heavy, and while we are waiting for more test results, we decided to take a mini-break, disconnect, and head to the Pacific Coast for a few days. Get some healing vibes from the ocean and that lovely saltwater air.